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Avoid Frozen Appearance From Excessive Botox


Avoid Frozen Appearance From Excessive Botox


Does Botox make your face look stiff?

If a qualified and experienced medical professional like the physicians at Encore Medical Rejuvenation administers Botox to your face, it won’t appear stiff or expressionless. Targeting specific muscles that are the source of wrinkles and creases while preserving the ability to make natural facial expressions is the aim of Botox treatments.

What is “Frozen Face” and how should it be prevented?

Botox Edmonton can cause stiffness or a lack of expressiveness in the face if it is overdone or if it is administered improperly. Botox will produce a frozen or unnatural appearance if too much is used or if the wrong muscle groups are targeted for injection.

Only trained physicians, nurses or certified injectors provide Botox injections in Edmonton Alberta. By choosing a licensed medical specialist with experience like the team at Encore, you can avoid the stiff-looking appearance known as frozen face. To ensure that the therapy is suited to your unique needs and objectives, our physicians will go through a consultation to gain a thorough understanding of your unique facial anatomy and muscle dynamics.

Is a consultation required prior to Botox Injections?

During your consultation prior to getting Botox, you will have the opportunity to discuss your intended outcome and any concerns you have with our doctors. A trained physician will make suggestions and use moderate doses of Botox in order to produce results that look natural while maintaining facial expression and movement.

Where can you learn more about the benefits of Botox?

To learn if Botox is the right aesthetic treatment for you, you should book a consultation at Encore Medical Rejuvenation. During a consultation, our physicians, nurses, and injectors can assess your unique needs. If you have questions about the results or risks, you can ask them at this time. It is important to Keep in mind that the effects of Botox injections are not permanent and are typically expected to last from 3 to 6 months. Normal facial expressions and movements will eventually return as the effects wear off. If you are curious about getting Botox to reduce the appearance of ageing, contact our team at Encore Medical Rejuvenation.